At times while booting up your Mac, the screen might turn all white; this is generally known as the most horrifying white screen of death among Macbook users. When this happens, you might feel the need to run to the nearest Apple store to get your Mac fixed or replaced; however, you can easily turn … Read more

A MacBook screen going black and unresponsive or the screen flickering or flashing are some of the most common problems faced by Mac users. This issue is annoying and wastes a great deal of time. The problem may occur while Mac is booting up or when you use it daily. The issue of the Mac … Read more

It’s a problem that affects Windows and Mac users alike: your cursor suddenly gets stuck. No matter what you do, the cursor doesn’t register any sort of input. You may also experience some strange behavior on your computer. Files dragging across the screen or text getting randomly highlighted are two other examples. MacBooks do sometimes … Read more

There is a common problem afflicting MacBook owners: their computers get stuck on the login screen. This problem can affect different versions of macOS from Big Sur to Catalina. In fact, Mac machines getting stuck whether it’s this or stopping mid-update is a pretty common occurrence. Despite how prevalent this issue is, it can be … Read more

Imagine one day you’re hard at work on your MacBook or surfing the internet while on macOS El Capitan when you suddenly see that it needs to recharge; the battery is low. So, you grab your charger, plug it into your MacBook, and return to work. But let’s say you have an old model that’s … Read more

Apple really stands out when it comes to product quality, after-sales service, and updates. They regularly update their products, including Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, and more. Many Mac users have reported getting the message as An error occurred preparing the software update while updating their Macs. Users are also experiencing the same … Read more

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Error code 50 shows that your Mac could not copy or move files. The process stuck with no visible progress. At the same time, error 50 may also pop on the screen whenever you try to delete certain files. However, some customers have also reported that when they try to transfer certain files from an … Read more

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 5003 on Mac

During the pandemic, most people, have shifted towards carrying out any sort of meetings on online platforms such as Zoom.  Zoom is undeniably one of the most popular and widely used online meeting platforms however, at times the zoom app seems to function improperly due to some glitches.  Mac users often come across error code … Read more