Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro best features and testing

We’ve all struggled with storage space and most of the time, it’s our stored photos that take most of the space. And when you also have duplicates of your media that you forgot about, your drives get full in no time. Finding and deleting duplicate photos on your Mac is a daunting process but a … Read more

Apple’s Calendar app is a pretty handy tool. It can do many of the basic things you might expect from software like this, such as keeping track of your appointments and life events. Calendar can also do some neat things like connect to other calendars across your many internet accounts and support Siri. You can … Read more

Error code 50 shows that your Mac could not copy or move files. The process stuck with no visible progress. At the same time, error 50 may also pop on the screen whenever you try to delete certain files. However, some customers have also reported that when they try to transfer certain files from an … Read more

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 5003 on Mac

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Apple ID is an authentication system used by Apple for a wide variety of devices including iPhones and Mac computers. The technology stores all of a user’s personal information and device settings, so as you can imagine, it’s pretty important that the data stays protected. Unfortunately, people have reported encountering problems with their Apple ID. … Read more

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The MacBook Air M2 is one of Apple’s most recent offerings that was released back in early September. A lot of users enjoy its slim design, good-looking display, and lightning-fast processing courtesy of the M2 chip. On top of that, it lasts a good 18 hours on a single charge. It’s honestly a great computer. … Read more

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Most users might experience a devastating experience when their Macbook Air doesn’t turn on. Such problems seem to affect every device nowadays, including the Macbook Air. Consider the scenario where you cannot fulfill a business or need that relies on your Macbook due to the circumstances mentioned.  If you recently opened your Macbook Air and … Read more