If you primarily use an email account, there are high chances you have the email app installed on all your devices. Majority of the Mac users rely on Outlook as it is undeniably one of the best platforms for real-time email delivery, multi-platform syncing, and much more! One feature usually overlooked in Outlook is the … Read more

You may use a MacBook on your lap just as much as you may at a desk. Therefore, you should be able to charge your MacBook battery to use it as a portable computer. Unfortunately, some MacBook users’ menu bars show Not Charging when a device is plugged in. This happens even if the MacBook … Read more

MacOS High Sierra first came out back in September 2017 and is the fourteenth major release of Apple’s operating system. It’s a direct follow-up to macOS Sierra, and as the name suggests, took the system to a new level. Apple took Sierra and made many performance improvements and added so many new features that it … Read more

Apple’s Macbook Pro laptops are well-known for their high quality and design. However, one issue that some users have reported is their loud fan noise. The fans are usually so quiet that you won’t even notice them running. In the background, they usually hum along quietly. When you do something more demanding, such as video … Read more

There seems to be a DP Alt Mode issue on your Mac while connecting to some external monitor. It seems to be affecting a lot of users. When you connect the screen to your Mac, the screen displays. Your device does not support DP Alt mode, please install latest driver and try again. What is … Read more

Steam has found its way to many devices, both desktop, and mobile. It’s become a mainstay for PC gamers all over the world with some of the gaming industry’s hottest titles right on the platform. As such, the platform has made its way onto macOS giving Macbook owners to some awesome games. Sometimes problems do … Read more

What are the Best Device Management Software for macOS

Device management can be very complex if you’re running a business and need to manage diverse mobile devices with different operating systems and ownership models. And for macOS things can become even more tricky but there are some device management software out there that can help you. How do I pick the right device management … Read more