5 best MacBook M1 Pro docks that you can get today

best macbook m1 pro dock

MacBook M1 Pro is an amazing device with great design and high-end performance, but the device isn’t without flaws. One of the biggest issues are extension options, and since Macs usually have only HDMI and Thunderbolt ports, connecting certain devices might be a problem. This is especially true if you want to connect a USB … Read more

iMessage not syncing on Mac: How to fix it in a few easy steps

imessage not syncing on mac

iMessage is an instant messaging software used on iOS devices and Macs, and it’s the default tool for texting on Apple products. Since the app is available on multiple platforms, all your messages are synced, allowing you to start a conversation on one device and then continue it on another. This is an essential feature, … Read more

5 best mice to buy for Logic Pro X

best mouse for logic pro x

Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation software used by music producers to create music, and it’s one of the most used applications for this purpose. The software is available exclusively on macOS, and many experts are switching to Macs just so they can use Logic Pro X. The software offers all sorts of … Read more

5 best iPad Mini 6 apps that you need to try today

iPad Mini 6 is a powerful device, but to utilize its full potential, you need to have specialized applications. Although the default apps are great for the most part, they sometimes lack certain functionality that other third-party ones have. Almost all iPhone applications will work on iPad, but certain ones make better use of the … Read more

5 best monitors for MacBook M1 Max

best macbook m1 max monitor

MacBooks with M1 chips are great and they deliver high-end performance to their users, which makes them perfect for almost any task. While they are great devices in terms of performance and design, they aren’t without flaws, and many users simply don’t have enough screen space to work with. This is a problem with all … Read more