Netflix Is Not Compatible With iPad: 5 Easy Ways to Fix It

If you find that Netflix is not compatible with your iPad, you may become frustrated. However, don’t worry. This article has all the solutions you need.

Netflix is the largest subscription-based media platform where you can watch countless movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. It has apps on all modern platforms like PC, tab, smartphones, smart TVs, etc. It also has a decent app for iPad.

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In general, your iPad should support the Netflix app without any issues. But, when you see that it is not working due to the incompatibility issue, that can indicate various things.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve or overcome this situation and watch Netflix on your old iPad.

Why is Netflix not supported on my iPad?

Netflix regularly updates its apps on all platforms. For security and performance-related reasons, it doesn’t provide support for very old versions of iOS and iPadOS. If your device is not up to date, this problem may appear.

Overall, Netflix may not be supported on your iPad if any of the following reasons exist:

  • You are using a very old iPad with a very old version of iPadOS or iOS
  • The Netflix app is outdated
  • Your device crossed its support cycle years ago

Is Netflix compatible with all iPads?

Yes. All modern iPad models should have no problem running Netflix if you regularly update them. But, if you use an iPad like the first generation, which was introduced more than a decade ago, Netflix will not work there due to compatibility reasons.

What can I do if Netflix is not compatible with my iPad?

1. Verify if you are using a supported model

Though any models of the iPad should support Netflix, some models may not work. It is because Apple stopped providing updates to these models years ago.

Currently, any of these iPad models should work with Netflix if the iPadOS is updated regularly:

  • iPad Air, Air 2, Air (2019)
  • iPad 2017 and later
  • iPad Mini 2 (2018) and later
  • All iPad Pro models

Before proceeding to the actual solutions, make sure you use a supported iPad version.

2. Update iPadOS

  1. Go to Settings on the iPad.
  2. Navigate to General.
  3. Tap on Software Update.going software update general settings ios
  4. Install any available updates.

You also can update your iPad using iTunes. If you face problems, these solutions can be helpful for you:

After updating, try to install or launch Netflix. It will solve the Netflix is not compatible with your iPad or similar problems.

3. Download an older version of Netflix

  1. Go to App Store app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon.clicking profile icon app store ipad
  3. Tap on Purchased.clicking purchased ipad app store
  4. Search for the Netflix app and tap on the download icon.clicking download icon netflix app store purchased ipad

It will download the supported version of that app on your iPad. You should follow this method if you cannot download Netflix using the standard app store search due to compatibility issues.

4. Get Netflix using another iOS device

If you cannot find the Netflix app on your purchased list, this method is for you. On a supported iPhone or another iPad, go to the App store and download Netflix.

Then, follow method 3 again. You will be able to install the last supported version of Netflix on your old iPad.

5. Watch on a browser

In case none of the methods work, the last option for you is using a web browser to watch Netflix on your iPad. Though you may not get the experience of using a stand-alone app, you will still be able to stream Netflix from a browser smoothly.

To do this, you will need to go to Netflix’s official website and log in using the credentials. Then, start watching your desired shows.

Extra Tip:

If you are unable to install an old version of Netflix or cannot watch on a browser, it can be a very sad thing. But, there is another thing you can try. Some third-party PC and Mac apps can install .ipa file on iPhones or iPads without jailbreak.

You can use them to install Netflix’s .ipa file to your old iPad and see if it helps. The .ipa is the app installation package for iOS and iPadOS. It is similar to the APK file for Android.

Which one is the best iPad browser to watch Netflix?

Currently, Opera is the best web browser for iPad to watch Netflix. Though you can watch on Safari, still, it is not the best option.

Opera is available on other platforms as well, unlike Safari. So you can easily sync your history and other settings across devices.

Not only for Netflix, but you can also use Opera for all other streaming platforms for the best performance, whether you are on a computer or a tablet like an iPad.

Get Opera

This post has featured the methods to solve Netflix not being compatible with iPad. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments box.

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