MacBook Cursor is Stuck in Highlight Mode: 5 Ways to Fix it

It’s a problem that affects Windows and Mac users alike: your cursor suddenly gets stuck. No matter what you do, the cursor doesn’t register any sort of input. You may also experience some strange behavior on your computer. Files dragging across the screen or text getting randomly highlighted are two other examples. MacBooks do sometimes … Read more

How to Fix Your MacBook if It Gets Stuck After Login

There is a common problem afflicting MacBook owners: their computers get stuck on the login screen. This problem can affect different versions of macOS from Big Sur to Catalina. In fact, Mac machines getting stuck whether it’s this or stopping mid-update is a pretty common occurrence. Despite how prevalent this issue is, it can be … Read more

Fix: Unknown or Unsupported macOS Version Mountain Lion

macOS Mountain Lion saw a lot of firsts for Max users like the introduction of iOS Messages (which you can use on Windows 10, in case you didn’t know), Reminders becoming a fully-fledged app, and integration with Game Center. Nowadays, Moutain Lion isn’t supported by Apple in an official capacity but still sees some usage … Read more

7 Ways to Fix Your iPad When the Passcode Is Not Working

how to fix ipad passcode not working

If your iPad passcode is not working issue, it can create a very unwanted situation. This article will feature all the possible solutions along with useful information for this problem. People prefer the iPad over other tabs because of its performance, tight integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and security. However, strict security is good. But, it … Read more