Vividit: Simple but Powerful Photo Enhancer for iOS

There are many great photo enhancers for your phone, so picking the right one isn’t always easy. Today, we have a Vividit app that we want to show you.

The app relies on artificial intelligence to make your images stand out, and it requires almost no configuration to make your images stand out.

It’s among one of the best apps for iPad, so, let’s dive deeper and see what this great app has to offer to iOS users.

What is Vividit?

Vividit is an iOS and Android app developed by The app uses AI technology to enhance your photos.

The great thing about this app is its simplicity which allows you to achieve some amazing results with minimal user input.

What features does Vividit offer?


The first feature that you’ll encounter when you start the app is the Sharpener, and by using it you’ll enhance blurry photos.

The app comes with a slider so you can easily adjust the amount of sharpness that you want to apply to your images, so you can fine-tune the results.

Magic Eraser

The next feature is the eraser, it allows you to remove elements from your picture. Simply select the element that you want to remove.

Next, select the part of the image that you want to replace that element with, and the app will do the rest.


If you want to convert yourself into a cartoon avatar, then this option is just what you need. Simply upload your picture and select the desired filter.

There are several filters to choose from, but unfortunately, you can’t make any customizations. However, the AI will do an amazing job, so no customization is necessary.


Next on the list of features is Animer, which allows your selfies to come to life. To use this feature, just select the desired picture and the app will do the rest.

Depending on the image, the rendering process can take a bit longer, so be prepared to wait while it’s being processed.


If you’re working with black and white photos, this filter is just what you need. Use to restore color to your images, or to enhance your images.

The customization is limited, and you can only adjust the amount of color that’s being added, but that’s more than enough.

Light Fixer

Another available and useful tool is the light fixer. If you have a photo that was taken in low light conditions, then this tool might help you.

The intensity of the filter can be easily adjusted, which will help you with shadows on your pictures.

BG Blurer

The last option on our list is BG Blurer and this tool can be used to make the subject of your photo stand out from the background.

The amount of blur can be adjusted and there are three types of blur available to choose from.

Vividit is an incredibly simple but powerful photo-enhancing tool that will be a perfect addition to your set of apps.

The app is simple to use and it offers great features, so it’s worth checking out.

What is your favorite photo enhancer app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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