There are many ways in which the Apple Pencil has expanded the capabilities of the iPad. You can now handwrite notes or draw stunning artwork more easily than ever. If your Apple Pencil doesn’t pair with the iPad, you’ll miss out so much of what makes the iPad so wonderful. The purpose of this article … Read more

ipad mini 6 best rugged cases

Keeping your electronics safe should be your priority, especially if you tend to bring them with you frequently. Touchscreen devices are very fragile, and a sudden drop might crack your screen or make the device unusable if you’re unlucky. In the best-case scenario, you might get a couple of nasty scratches, and nobody wants that … Read more

ipad mini 6 not charging

iPad is a great device, but just like with any other tablet, issues can sometimes occur. Sometimes those problems can be minor, but in other cases, they can prevent you from using your iOS device. While the software issues can be fixed with relative ease, the hardware-related ones can be more serious. One issue that … Read more

change screen orientation ipad mini 6

All touchscreen devices allow you to use them in two different orientations, landscape or portrait, and you can easily switch between them. Each mode has its benefits, and the former is used for multimedia while the latter is used while reading or browsing the web. Not all applications support both modes, and this especially applies … Read more

ipad mini 6 how to close apps

Apps are an essential component of any touchscreen device since they allow you to access different functionalities. When it comes to software, iOS devices have a wide range of applications available, and you can install and run them on your tablet without any restrictions. Besides different features, the apps have different requirements, and some might … Read more