5 best rugged AirPods 3 cases for maximum protection

Keeping your electronics safe is important, and this is especially true with devices that you carry with your all the time, such as your iPhone.

If you’re enjoying music on the go, you’re probably carrying your AirPods along with the charging case. Your earphones are fragile, and when you’re not using them, you should place them in the charging case.

However, the question remains how safe is your case from fall damage and accidental drops? If you’re worried that you might break it, you might be interested in today’s products.

Many are suggesting using a rugged AirPod 3 case to protect their earbuds, and in this guide, we’re going to show you the best models that you can buy.

What is the best rugged AirPods 3 case to buy?


If you need a rugged case for your AirPods, MOBOSI might be just what you’re looking for. This model is available only for AirPods 3, and unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with older models.

Despite that minor flaw, it provides great protection thanks to the rugged hard shell that should protect your earbuds from drops, scratches, and bumps.

Since corners are the most vulnerable part of every device when it comes to drops, this case comes with shockproof corners, delivering 360-degree protection.

Regarding the visual appearance, the case has a carbon fiber look, so it looks modern, stylish, and most importantly, durable.

Some users might not like this since it differs so much from Apple’s design, but that’s the small price to pay when it comes to protection.

Speaking of which, the case has a security lock that will ensure that your case lid is secure and closed. This means that your earbuds will remain safe at all times.

That’s not all, there’s even a pre-installed tape to prevent the top cover from falling. And if your tape gets worn out or damaged, the replacement is also included.

A carabiner is available as well, allowing you to attach your case and carry it with you wherever you go.

Although this is a rugged case, it does come with cutouts, allowing you to charge it and see the status of the LED light. Of course, wireless charging is possible without removing a case, which is a major plus.

MOBOSI is a great AirPods 3 case, and with its rugged design, it should be able to withstand almost anything.

Spigen Tough Armor

If you want advanced protection for your AirPods 3, you should consider using Spigen Tough Armor. The case comes with a rugged design, with a ribbed surface for extra grip.

Of course, there’s corner protection, and corners are slightly raised to minimize the drop damage.

Your earbuds will remain protected from drops and scratches thanks to the dual-layer protection that combines TPU and Polycarbonate.

There’s also XRD foam technology that will give you an extra layer of protection against shock damage and drops from various heights, so you won’t ever have to worry about dropping your AirPods from your pocket.

Lastly, there’s certified Air Cushion Technology that will protect your device from accidental drops. If you want to carry your earbuds wherever you go, there’s a carabiner available.

This allows you to attach it to your bag and carry it with you at all times. Lastly, we have to mention the charging options.

There are cutouts so you can charge your case with a cable without having to remove it, which is a major plus. You can also see the LED light at all times and monitor the charging status.

Lastly, wireless charging is possible without having to remove the case, which will come in handy to users that don’t want to deal with cables.

Spigen Tough Armor is available in four different colors, and it offers amazing protection to your AirPods 3, so it’s worth considering.

KMMIN AirPods 3 Case Cover

Keeping your AirPods safe from damage is important, but sometimes it’s not enough to have drop protection. For people that are enjoying outdoor activities, it’s just as important to protect your electronics from the elements.

KMMIN case does just that, and it’s a rugged case that offers protection from falls and water at the same time.

Since it’s made from TPU, the case will protect your earbuds from drops and scratches. It’s worth mentioning that there’s shock absorption, so even if your AirPods hit the ground, they won’t sustain any damage.

This model is dustproof, so you can use it outdoors without having to worry about dirt damaging your electronics.

This case is also waterproof, so it should be able to sustain rain and water splashes without any problems, so it’s perfect for users that spend a lot of time outdoors.

The design is great, and it has a ribbed antislip surface, so it won’t ever accidentally fall out of your hands. To make sure that your case doesn’t open by accident, there’s a latch on the top that should keep it properly closed at all times.

The case has a carabiner, allowing you to attach it to your bag, and carry it with you at all times. Regarding the charging, there’s a small cover for the charging port, so you can rest assured that water won’t damage it.

Wireless charging is also available, which is always a welcome feature. KMMIN AirPods 3 Case Cover offers amazing protection, and since it’s waterproof, it’s perfect for all users that spend a lot of time outdoors.

V-MORO Airpods Pro Case

If you’re in need of a rugged case for your AirPods 3, you might be interested in this model that comes from V-MORO.

This enclosure is made from a hard shell so your electronics will remain protected from both drops and scratches.

 The case has 360 protection, and the corners are slightly raised, so they will absorb most of the damage. The side layer is made from a 4mm soft and flexible material, so it should be able to handle drops.

Regarding the material, it’s made from TPU and PC, and thanks to the antislip design, you won’t ever drop it by accident.

It’s important to notice that the case has no gaps, so your AirPods case will fit perfectly thus minimizing any chance for damage.

In addition, to drop and shock damage, this case is also waterproof, so it should be able to sustain splashes or rain.

Just like all previous entries, this model also has a carabiner allowing you to attach it and carry it securely with you at all times.

It’s important to mention that there out cutouts for the LED, allowing you to see the status of your AirPods at all times.

The charging port is also accessible, but it comes with a cover that will protect it from dust and water. Wireless charging is also supported, which will surely come in handy.

Overall, V-MORO is a great rugged AirPods 3 case that will protect your electronics at all times. The only flaw might be the design, but compared to the benefits, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

ProCase AirPods 3

Another rugged case that you might want to consider is ProCase AirPods 3. This model works only with 3rd generation of AirPods, so it’s not compatible with older devices.

Regarding the design, it’s made from TPU and UAG that delivers double protection against scratches and drops. It’s worth mentioning that this case isn’t glossy, so you won’t leave any fingerprints on it.

The case can absorb shocks, and it comes with all-around protection. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s dustproof, so you won’t have to worry about dirt and grit getting inside.

Thanks to the separate design, you can completely separate the lid from the rest of the case, but there’s no reason to do that.

We would’ve loved it if there was a small latch to secure the lid, but that’s not the case unfortunately. The carabiner is available allowing you to attach the case and carry your earbuds securely with you.

Cutouts are available, so you can charge the case using a cable and see the LED as well as the status of your case.

Wireless charging is also possible, without having to remove the case, so that’s another plus in our book. Regarding the available colors, you can get this model in black or black and blue colors.

Overall, ProCase AirPods 3 is a solid case for AirPods 3, and it should provide you with decent protection against drops and scratches.

The design is simplistic, without too many rough edges, so it might look less rugged than our previous entries, but it will get the job done.

There are many great rugged AirPods 3 cases available to choose from, and each of them will drastically increase the durability of your earbuds.

For best protection, we suggest getting the waterproof models, since they offer protection against drops, dirt, and elements.

What is your favorite AirPods case? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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